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Company Profile

Guangzhou "le" magic seal (LOMO PRINT) network technology co., LTD., is a professional supplier of enterprise overall printing solutions. Company set design, manufacture, software and system integration into an organic whole, have products and software research and development center in guangzhou and shenzhen, have manufacturing center in foshan.

In customer's professional printing link, we by the high quality of printing equipment and professional advisers, program planning, bring customers in the production safety, the improvement of cost, efficiency, high quality of product design and service is the company promises to customers.

The following brand products of the company bring high quality printing service for the customer:
Via "think tank" (ZYT. EPSON GP - C832 intelligent cutter) color wide wide label printer: suitable for household appliances, footwear, clothing, chemical, food, electrical, machinery manufacturing and other industries, can meet the full color wide label print, own intelligent cutter can be automatically at random cutting printed label, print quality, print cost economy.
EPSON TM - 7520 - g high-speed color label printer: 18 meters per minute printing speed can meet the requirements of high efficiency production printing industry.

"The cartoon" smart card (this) a full color printing equipment and system: suitable for people club, living building, civil affairs, disabled persons' federation, military and other departments, to solve the color card (this) by one yard, like collection, official seal electronic printing, backward manual paste and seal link, save the time of issuance, implementation documents preserved for a long time.
"New ward NEWWORLD" special full-color inkjet media: "new ward NEWWORLD" material of paper, film, and the cloth label material, chemical, medical, food, footwear, apparel, electric power, machinery manufacturing and other industries demand.

"LOMO PRINT" smart PRINT management software: can make all professional PRINT extremely convenient.

Today's industry production and personalized intelligent management, has become a trend, make non-standard professional printing simple, this is the theme of "music and magic seal" LOMO PRINT.