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Consultation and purchase

Consultation and purchase
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Guangzhou "le" magic seal (LOMO PRINT) network technology co., LTD., is a professional supplier of enterprise overall printing solutions. Company set design, manufacture, software and system integration into an organic whole, have products and software research and development center in guangzhou and shenzhen, have manufacturing center in foshan.
In customer's professional printing link, we by the high quality of printing equipment and professional advisers, program planning, bring customers in the production safety, the improvement of cost, efficiency, high quality of product design and service is the company promises to customers.

         We are EPSON (China) co., LTD., the core partners, EPSON GP - C832 cutter (intelligence) wide hd label printer exclusive authorized total distribution.

Guangzhou headquarters:
Guangzhou le magic network technology co., LTD
Address: guangzhou tianhe ling sheng Ming YuanNa tower, room 1810 west road no. 119 days
Contact person: miss fang