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Epson GP - C832 (intelligent cutting knife plate)

Product advantage:

Industrial-grade full-color wide label printer;
Full color high quality 5760 dpi output;
Print 203.2 mm wide;
Quick-drying, waterproof, resistance to light, alcohol, cut rub;
High speed and high load;
The standard intelligent cutting knife;
Low energy consumption, low carbon, green environmental protection;
Shoes industry, chemical industry, medical, food, clothing, machinery manufacturing, electric power and other industries preferred.

Product features:

1, high-speed continuous color ink jet printer paper
In the field of professional printing, epson integrating micro piezoelectric and needle type printing technology, a new high-speed continuous paper color inkjet printer GP - C832. GP - C832 with unique four color ink cartridge fission, with excellent colour expression to the user presents high quality color tag!
2, the universal printing solution
GP - C832 stability at high speed, mute features energy saving, high quality and durable, for the chemical industry, insurance, manufacturing, medical, oil exploration and other industries to provide high productivity, low TCO (comprehensive) use cost of new solution; In addition, the optimization of business process output report printing, document and label print and so on GP - C832 in offers a variety of new solutions at the same time, also shows excellent performance for the user!
3, high efficient delay and wait
Adopting micro piezo technology, no heating, printing speed up to 19.7 ipm * 1, 8 times that of stylus printer speed!
4, excellent print quality
Panchromatic DURABrite ribbon color Ultra century waterproof light ink, can be preserved for a long time in the plain paper printing printing effect, waterproof, resistance to light and quick-drying, scratches, bring good performance details for the user.
5, ultra-quiet green energy saving
The silent mode, use the noise can be reduced to 48 decibels, equivalent to the voice of the library/reading room environment.
6, the high load for mass level output
Host life 600000 * 2, high productivity, output level for mass business.
7, low cost large capacity of the whole machine durable ink cartridges
Using micro piezo technology, on-demand inkjet, reduce loss and waste, effectively reduce the comprehensive cost.
8, worry in meet the demand of users
Stable performance, simple operation, convenient mobile deployment, unique ESC/P2 print instruction mode, easy to realize the seamless docking with the stylus printer.