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Epson TM - C7520G label printers, color label making machine

Product advantage:

1, the new technology: PrecisionCoreTM line printing technology, with 300 mm/s high speed printing;
2, new instructions: ESC/Label instruction language, easy to replace the ZPL II;
3, high life: industrial design, high-capacity ink cartridges, suitable for mass label printing needs;
4, high quality: 600 * 600 dpi resolution, achieving high quality label on-demand printing.

Product features:
Bring color label industry breakthrough change

In the field of color label printing, TM - C7520G is the latest use epson PrecisionCore TM line printing technology of new generation of full color label printer. Based on epson ESC/Label instruction language, replacing the traditional mode in the process of the variable information printing color set to play, color Label to the implementation of ultra-high speed high quality on-demand printing!
1, the ultra high speed
New Precision Core line print head, the realization of 300 mm/s ultra-high speed output, color label variable information output at a time.
2, text, sharp
Many drops output, up to 600 * 1200 dpi resolution, to achieve minimum 2 pt font size fine print.
3, high productivity,
Large metal appearance, ink cartridges, paper support 8 inch diameter, mass labels bulk printing.
4, innovative instruction
Unique to epson ESC/Label instruction language, barrier-free implementation ZPLII replacement instruction system, color background images can be stored at the same time, make the color Label and variable information one-time output more simple.
5, high usability
Driver support three big mainstream barcode software, edited variable information easier with automatic cutter, matching rewinding machine, cutting, paper more quickly.
6, ultra low cost
Support large capacity 4 color ink cartridge fission, finished with color in color; A variety of medium adaptability, can be chosen by the customer at cost; On-demand printing mass labels, saving inventory costs, reduce the TCO.