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Epson WF - C869Ra A3 + color commercial type compound machine * 1 ink storehouse

Product advantage:
1, "0" * 2 ozone, dust "0" * 2, create office model
2, low energy consumption, low emissions, reshape the print
3, 4800 dpi x 1200 dpi, excellent output quality
4, swimming in 84000 * 3 pages to print color on the table

Product features:
1, energy conservation, environmental protection, the new model
"0" * 2 ozone emissions, "0" * 2 dust pollution, the maximum working energy consumption is only 40 w * 5. Epson micro piezoelectric technology, printing converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, without heating. Energy consumption of the epson ordinary laser machine to save up to 90% * 6, decrease the life cycle carbon emissions by 95% * 6.
2, quick launch efficient output
From precision printing head control system and based on the technology of micro piezoelectric PrecisionCroe brought about by the innovation process, commercial ink bin type composite machine ® * 1 without preheating, front page output fast * 7 to 7 seconds, multi-page printing speed up to 24 ipm * 7 consecutive black colour with speed, whether it be a flexible single page to print, or continuous multi-page homework, file output were improved.
3, excellent quality, meticulous
DURABrite Pro new pigment ink to bring a better waterproof, resistance to cut and quick-drying features, document can be safely saved for a long time. The color of new technology, make pigment molecules only stay in the surface of the paper, printing machine, high quality output, double-sided printing is not back.
"NVT" automatic nozzle detection technology, can automatically detect nozzle using state, even in the case of a small amount of nozzle clogging, can automatically adjust and optimize the print quality, achieve high quality output.
4, reduce downtime chang
High capacity (RIPS) can replace the ink storehouse system, with high plot ratio high-capacity ink bag, without replacement consumables, can print color 84000 * 3 pages, reduce downtime and maintenance, implement of print.
5, multi-use of practical and efficient
Automatic double standard, four one copy/print/scan/fax, multi-usage, efficient intelligent design, a head in the fast-paced business environment. Lose draft apparatus adopts double scanning head design, a single feed, can be realized at the same time to scan double-sided, double-sided copying scanning efficiency is doubled.
6, the EPA wisdom printing management master
Help enterprises in the printing process through comprehensively optimize the environment of the output, output devices, and document management, in the protection of data security of on-demand printing can be fully realized at the same time, help enterprises to maximize cost savings and efficiency improvement.
7, EDA equipment management and monitoring solutions
Support the printer status monitoring, warning and remote configuration of equipment, intelligence report, don't need to increase IT resources, reduce the service response time, improve work efficiency, increase customer satisfaction.