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Epson WF - 5623 high-end color ink bin type machine for commercial use

Product advantage:
1, high speed output: black, color printing with a speed of about 20 ipm * 1 * 2 page output, 8 seconds
2, more cartridges: black, color printing quantity are about 4000 pages * 3, reduce the ink cartridge replacement frequency
3, huge amounts of chang printing: the highest print page load about 45000 * 4 month, print easily cope with heavy and complicated
4, feed powerful: as many as three separate into paper, feed capacity of up to 580 pages * 5
5, convenient and flexible: automatic duplex printing, wired/wireless, mobile/remote printing
6, green environmental protection: the PrecisionCore ™ printing technology, printing without heating, lower energy consumption

Product features:
1, black color with speed
Black and white, color print speeds of up to 20 ipm * 1, heavy output operations can also be easily cope with.
2, page level on the load
Highest monthly print load to about 45000 * 4 pages, or departmental working group can easily cope with mass printing.
3, black color 8 s * 2 page output at a high speed
Without preheating, the black, the color page output are fast * 2 to 8 seconds, printouts instant, meet the demands of daily office output efficiency.
4, stronger in the paper
By optimizing the internal structure of the design, both up and down into the paper; Feed amount up to 580 * 5, reducing paper to replace the trouble; Three separate cartons, can handle different size/media print tasks at the same time.
5, high-capacity ink cartridges
Support the high-capacity ink cartridges, black ink and colors on the capacity of about 4000 * 3 pages, sharply reduce the cartridge replacement frequency, ensure continue uninterrupted printing work efficiently, and effectively reduce the printing cost.
6, print, flexible connection
Wired/wireless, mobile/remote printing function, without being limited by the space, either PC or intelligent terminal equipment, can be printed with everything.
7, automatic double Convenient and efficient
All built-in automatic duplex printing unit, to achieve convenient high-speed automatic duplex printing, more save time province paper document storage space.
8, ID card copy
Easy to card or id card and id easily copy on a piece of paper.