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Epson WF - 8593 A3 +

Product advantage:
1, quality, output, power efficient color office
2, large capacity, consumables, more economic cost of a single page
3, the highest monthly load and meet the demand of high productivity
4, intelligent mobile printing, convenient remote management
5, low energy consumption, low carbon, green office environment

Product features:
1, the highest 75000 * 3 month load
The machine is the highest in print page load about 75000 * 3, innovative metal inside the fuselage structure design, ensure the stability and durability of the printer, large quantities of output task for business users to provide a solid protection.
2, effective print * 4
From precision printing head control system and based on the technology of micro piezoelectric PrecisionCore brought about by the innovation process, whether continuous printing multiple pages or flexible sheet printing, office file output efficiency were improved.
3, high-capacity ink cartridges, black 10000 * 5, color * 5 on page 7000
High print runs large capacity consumables meet user needs, bring more economic cost of a single page, without frequent replacement.
4, with large capacity double carton
WF - 8593 printer with 750 large capacity double cartons, reduce the trouble to replace paper, easily implement mass efficient output.
5, high efficient automatic double scanning
Innovative use of double scanning sensor components, with automatic double lose draft apparatus, which can realize a photocopy/scan/fax paper.
6, print A3 + wide
Support the largest print A3 + wide to meet business users special requirements. At the same time, in view of the posters, design drawings, the output of the gantt chart for designers, engineers, print studio to provide better support.
7, full color pigment ink
DURABrite Pro pigment ink technology brings a better waterproof, resistance to light and quick-drying, features, documents to be able to save for a long time. The colour of new technology, achieving high quality on the ordinary paper printing effect.
8, remote management
To the cloud email print, scan, remote printing mobile printing, application solutions, and at the same time support the AirPrint.